...is a show video game characters who come to life inside a young woman's computer.  It is also an exploration of some of Marcel Proust’s ideas of consciousness and identity.  I have finished the first draft of the book, music, and lyrics, and will soon have demos of all 21 songs.  A staged reading is projected for 2017.

The Proust Virus

A Quick Synopsis:

   Tina, the daughter of a French literary professor, is playing her

favorite combat video game when the game begins acting strangely. 

Tina’s friend hits a wrong key and causes a file containing Marcel

Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time” to be downloaded into the game.  

The girls leave in frustration, but Tina soon discovers that the video

game characters have come to life, and one of them has fallen in

love--with her! 

  We meet Blue and Sultana from “Quest.”   With a few other characters,

they set about building a world based on their new memories of Proust. 

However, Agent Smith from the the game division of the NSA has gotten

word of the Proust Virus--and has been assigned to make sure that it is destroyed. 

    Act II takes place entirely inside the computer.  Under Blue’s guidance, the characters have come up with a Proustian “gameworld”--but life is becoming more complicated.  Blue becomes pathologically jealous of Tina, a Russian janitor claims to be God and a ravenous paradactylkeet roams the land.  As the game characters question the meaning of life and love in their new world, Agent Smith attacks.

Songs from Act I

--sung by Barrie McLain

Tina is unemployed, living with her Mom and spends most of her time playing video games--in particular, “Quest.”  But today, “Quest” has frozen up, there’s nothing on TV, and.... 

--with Eva Kantor, Jasmine Knight, Olivia Killingsworth, Stacey Perlman, Cheo Bourne, Rob Langeder and Miles Phillips

The show begins.  Tina starts the game and tries to show her friend Natalie how to play.  The "virus" strikes.

The Game Is On!

A World Waiting