Tina has dropped out of college and is spending the summer with her mother, trying to get a job at Cosmos Coffee.  When she accidentally uploads her father's Proust files into her favorite video game, something strange happens.  The game has crashed...but some of the video game characters seems to be wandering around inside her computer.   And she soon discovers that one of them has fallen in love with her.

     We meet Blue and Sultana from “Quest.”   But what can video game characters do when their world has crashed?  They set about building a world based on the memories of Proust they inherited.  However, Agent Itsy from the  NSA has gotten word of the Proust Virus--and is making plans to destroy it.

    Act II takes place entirely inside the computer.  Under Blue’s guidance, the characters have come up with a Proustian “gameworld”--but life is not that simple.  Blue becomes pathologically jealous of Tina, a Russian janitor thinks he has become God and a ravenous pterodactylkeet roams the land.  As the game characters question the meaning of life and love in their new world, Agent Itsy attacks in a video game climax.

     Director Christopher Noffke has led several readings of the show and we are hoping to bring this collaboration to a broader audience soon!  


A Selection of Songs from the show: