"Impossible But True"

              in a Tavern!

The first in a new series of shows presented by Brooklyn Tavern Theater:  


Impossible But True is an original musical, with music, lyrics and book by Dan Furman.

(additional lyrics by Mary-Liz McNamara)

The show is written to be performed immersively in a tavern, with 9 actors and a piano player.  This is a tale of how the American Revolution affects a small village in the Catskills, loosely based on the story of Rip Van Winkle.  It is a show about believing (or not believing) in possibility.  We follow Rip--an idle storyteller and dreamer--as he goes off to fight in the Revolutionary War and then cannot find his way home.  When he finally makes it back, he finds a town transformed by the experience of the American revolution.

  In the original story by Irving, Rip's wife is an nagging shrew and Rip celebrates when he returns to learn she has died.  But in our production, Rebecca has rewritten the script and given herself the opening and closing songs--so the musical could be said to be loosely based on Rip's story--as told by Rebecca, his wife.

Intermission/Nip of Flip

After the 1st Act finishes, things are not looking good.  Time for refreshments.  The men lead a drinking song.  Sung by Jerome Harmann--Hardeman, Mark Montague, Michael Padgett, James Sheider & Abigail Clyne.  Podcast.

Everything's Changed

Rip has gone off to war with Ben--and something has gone wrong.  So wrong that Rip is transported to a magical "Bowling Green" where the ghost of Henry Hudson tells him he can never return home.

Miles Phillips & company, Tarrytown show, 2013.

Things Are Possible

Rebecca enters Rip's imaginary "Bowling Green" and invites him to come home.  Sung by Danielle Erin Rhodes, Rob Langeder and company  (from Podcast:  James Scheider, Stephanie Lynn Mason, Michael Padgett, Mark Montague, Jerome Harmann-Hardeman and Abigail Clyne.)

Fishing Song

Rip explains the motivations for his favorite occupation.  Sung by Rob Langeder and James Scheider   From our upcoming podcast recording.

2019 Shows at Franklin 820

(820 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn)

were a success, largely due to the fantastic cast.  For more on the 2019 production, visit

2021 Show at Rustik Tavern

(471 Deakalb, Brooklyn)

A projection at the moment, but we're hoping to do an October show, pandemic permitting.