Dan Furman    Jazz Piano, Composer

What's Happening:

A reading of "The Proust Virus" is being projected for this spring!  This projection is contingent upon

funding which we hope will come through soon.

  The reading will likely be held somewhere in Manhattan and will be the first public reading of the new musical,

which imagines video game characters coming to life when "In Search of Lost Time" by Marcel Proust is uploaded

into their game.

  Rather than a campy send-up of video games, the show is an exploration of what it means to be alive, seen

through the eyes of beings coming to life inside a computer.

  If you would like to be notified, simply email Dan at danfurman@aol.com and he will put you on the list.

The studio production in January of "Ybor City" at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor was very successful.

The book is by Anita Gonzalez and I wrote music and lyrics.   We concluded that the new version of the show

is in pretty good shape, but we got a number of suggestions and comments and will probably make a few small


Set in Tampa, FL in 1918, the show is a story about cigar workers who decide to form a union and go on strike.   The first reading took place at the Lee Strasberg Institue in the summer of 2015.  

This musical has its own website: http://www.yborcitythemusical.com

More songs from the show are posted there, and photos from the Michigan production will appear soon!

Here are a few shots from the January 29th show:

Help us find a theater in NYC to produce the show!  

“Impossible But True” is available!  

   "Impossible But True" is a musical that affirms that it is WE who make history and who decide what is possible.  It is also a retelling of the "Rip Van Winkle" story, so it is especially relevant for theaters in the Hudson Valley.  The entire CD of the 2013 Tarrytown Concert can be downloaded from Bandcamp for an optional donation:  see the “Impossible But True!” page for the link.  This show is ready to be produced.  It requires 12 or 13 actors, including one young girl, and a piano, violin and cello.  Although it has not been offically published, the script and score are available.  Interested parties should contact me at danfurman@aol.com.

"With the Union" from Ybor City

being produced at Univ of Michigan this Jan 27-29.

(This version sung by actors from the Lee Strasberg reading, Summer 2015,

Lead vocal: Rafael Beato Jimenez)

April 22          9:30-11pm

w/ Granny's Blumers,

featuring Mary Micari

          @ The Duplex,

               61 Christopher St, New York, NY


May 18          7-11pm

Dan Furman Jazz Duo

          @Cleopatra's Needle,

               Broadway @ 92nd St, New York, NY

               No cover charge!  Jazz singers welcome.

April 12          8-11pm

w/ Scot Albertson

          Cafe Noctambulo @Pangea

               178 2nd Ave (b/11th & 12th Sts, Manhattan