"Impossible But True"

(Formerly "RIP!")

Impossible But True  is a new musical, with music, lyrics and book by Dan Furman

(additional lyrics by Mary-Liz McNamara)

*2009 Winner of the TRU Voices New Musicals Series

*2010 Selection of Emerging Artists’ Theatre’s “Notes From a Page” series,     

          funded by an Anna Sosenko Grant

*2010 “Concert Version” sponsored by the Puffin Cultural Forum

Backstage reviewed RIP! at the Midtown Festival in 2011:

"...an estimable piece of work...the production shows off Furman's score, graced with bountiful musicality.  It's delivered with aplomb by a generally excellent cast headed by Rob Langeder, who imbues Rip with an easy charm and sings in a fluid baritone.  ...

There are plentiful echoes of Sondheim in the lyrics and music--urgent rhythms under extended melody lines--but they come across as inspiration rather than imitation..."

“Rip!” was nominated for “Outstanding Music and Lyrics” at the close of the 2011 Midtown International Theatre Festival.  The current soundtrack was produced with a grant from the Puffin Foundation and support from the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns.

Listen to Music from "Impossible But True":  

Company:  Rob Langeder, Danielle Erin Rhodes, Nicholas Cocchetto, Deidre Donovan,

Miles Phillips, Doug Shapiro, Adam Shapiro, Scott Cote, Mark Montague, Rachel Wenitsky,

Sierra Rein and Maeve Montague.  With Dan Furman, piano, Claudia Schaer, violin and

Sam Quiggins, cello.  Recorded at The Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns, Jeremy Goldsmith,

recording engineer.

  The show is about believing (or not believing) in possibility.  It follows an idle storyteller and dreamer (Rip Van Winkle) as he goes off to fight in the Revolutionary War and then cannot find his way home.  The music is tuneful and the show is family-friendly and humorous (although it also deals with more serious themes of loss and PTSD).

"Impossible But True In A Tavern" is a new version of the show, scaled down to 9 actors, meant to be performed in a tavern.  In most cases, it would probably just use a piano player for the band.

The show is written for 12 actors, including a young girl (6-12) who plays a few small roles.  The music is scored for violin, cello and piano.  The complete script and recording are available upon request.

"Things Are Possible," the closing song in the show, was picked to be performed in a "Making History" concert in the "Snappy Titles" series in London in February of 2016.